i media cities Blackbox Project


Cinematek Belgium collaborated with the VUB (Free University of Brussels) to let a group of students come up with creative ideas to present the i media cities black- and white cultural heritage newsreels to a young audience.

The students created a Blackbox, a mobile presentation box that can be used to opreesent films, geolocated in i media cities, on the exact spots they were geotagged. This way history would come back tyo life on the place it happened.

As a subject they chose the bombings of 1943, which hit Brussels really hard. These bombings happened on the exact place the university buildings can be found now.

By creating a montage of images from 1943 and current images, combined with music and poetry, they created a very popular mobile installation that caught the eye of the students and the media.

the blackbox has moved permanently to the Cinematek museum


Davy Hanegreefs