The i media cities environment for researchers


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Creating a research account on the i-media-cities platform is free and comes with several benefits not available to normal user accounts.

Please check out our introductory video, which explains the basics, or continue reading for all benefits.

Special benefits for research accounts


  • Access to view and interact with all films and images on the entire platform

  • Search the content through maps or filters, such as period, city or urban vocabularies

  • Find general and technical metadata from the archive databases for all content

  • Annotate films and images with tags, geotags, notes, bibliographic references and links to other websites

  • Discover an urban tag vocabulary created by scientific reserchers

  • Add Linked Open Data tags & concepts

  • Choose whether a note is private or public.

  • Add an embargo date to your annotations

  • View and study A.I. tags

  • Create, edit and manage personal content lists

  • Finds automatically generated lists with content you have annotated

  • Create virtual exhibitions on any subject you like

  • Contact the film archives to get more information

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